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It was our pleasure meeting you at the Artisanal LA Event! Please enjoy $15 off a One-For-One subscription until December 31.

To apply this discount to an auto-renew subscription, please call us at 424.261.7877.

With SÜPRMARKT’s One-For-One Program, you change someone’s life while also bettering your own. 23.5 Million Americans live without ready access to fresh food. In Los Angeles, more than 2 million people live without easy access to fresh food and in South LA, rates of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and cancer are up to 3 times higher than in West LA.

Offering fresh food in food deserts can save lives and give us all a brighter, healthier future. We’d love your support in fulfilling our mission of providing great food for all by giving the gift of groceries.


Need it delivered? Simply add delivery to your cart for $26.00. We currently serve South LA, Culver City, West LA, Downtown and Hollywood. To confirm whether we deliver to your area, call 424.261.7877. Orders placed by Wednesday will be fulfilled on Sunday.

If you need to pay using EBT or any other card, please call or email us. Users who Paypal us directly can save.

If you’d like to make a tax-deductible contribution to make fresh food available to all, use this button. We appreciate your generosity.

How It Works

For you- Let us know what produce you enjoy most! We gather a consensus from the group then provide the goodies each week. 100% organic produce with lots of locally grown fare.

For Them- We select a winner and start providing produce to them. If both parties agree, we put the giver and receiver in touch to share recipes and happiness around food.


If you would like to participate on a monthly basis, please use the options below.

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