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Educational Content Director


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SÜPRSEED is seeking an Educational Content Director to make it’s wildest multimedia dreams come true. It’ll take a lot of content to change how people eat for good, and we’re calling in the right people to make it happen. 

We’ll use videos, graphics, and innovative media to help people all over the planet eat healthily on a budget. Short form cooking videos, documentary shorts, animated explainer vids, BTS & more are all our canvas. 

The ideal candidate is a success driven, bright, risk-taker who balances leadership with creativity. They have successfully managed, completed, and publicized their own projects with excellent results and they’ll use that experience to start a digital empire. This smart, multifaceted media guru will put our content on the map.


The Role:

The primary role of the Educational Content Director is ensuring our videos and content get created. In addition to producing new original content, the ECD archives our past content. While we feed and educate people, the ECD captures golden moments in real time.

The ECD dives dexterously from ripping and editing Youtube videos to shooting interviews in the field. This tech native is comfortable with numerous forms of storytelling and can jump from editing a 20 minute doc, to adapting the latest gif meme to make our audience laugh.  Pitching, planning, and promoting are all in a day’s work, and our candidate shows a clear ability to manage their time and leverage sub- contractors. 

The ideal candidate shines in the realm of analytics and metrics; and has preferably built large followings on TikTok, Youtube, etc. in the past. They are well networked in the film space and leverage existing relationships to garner the support we need. Ideally, our ECD will commit to this as their primary role and not be sidetracked by side projects.


Requirements for the role:

In order to be successful in this role, you will need to have prior experience in both production and team management. Apply for this position if:

  • The idea of establishing the next big media channel excites you.
  • You work hard and smart
  • You are a learner, researcher, that is resourceful
  • You are a leader, self starter that is ambitious
  • You have a sense of humor.


  • You value quality in your work and your creations have that “special something” 
  • You can create a compelling pitch, presentation, and proposal
  • You can create innovative content weekly
  • You can schedule photo and video shoots
  • You can screen potential interviews/ content collabs
  • You can build and grow a Youtube channel 
  • You can coordinate content collaborations with brands and individuals


  • You have a clear ability to lead a department on a long term basis. 
  • You have a strong ability to initiate and complete projects 
  • You have a firm grasp on vetting, hiring, and managing talent
  • You have strong written and verbal communication, administrative, and organizational skills.

Preferred Qualifications:
(The key word here is “preferred” — there are definitely amazing people who represent exceptional exceptions to these preferences.)

  • Bachelor’s and/or Masters degree in relevant discipline (Film, Production, Media, other relevant programs) 
  • 2+ years experience in a media leadership
  • Videography and editing experience 
  • Experience in social media management + growth is a plus
  • Interest in emerging blockchain technologies a plus
  • Some pitching / media grant writing required

Benefits & Perks

  • Creating work that changes lives.
  • Yearly wellness allowance available for massages, therapy, acupuncture, doctors, retreats, etc. 
  • SÜPRMARKT Meal & Grocery Allowance
  • Access to free fitness and wellness classes provided by SÜPRSEED



Our mission is to eradicate health injustice, starting in LA. SÜPRSEED, Inc. provides affordable access to healthy food in low-income communities, supports an increased sense of personal health and well-being through events and experiences, and educates the public about healthy eating habits and wellness practices. As a vegan organization, SÜPRSEED, Inc. does not promote or provide animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs or cruelty based programming.

Founded in 2017, SÜPRSEED has endeavored to make healthy living easier for thousands of Angelenos with documentary screenings, giveaways, and donated organics. More than 100,000 pounds of organics have been provided since we started. Our work has received national recognition from the LA Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Complex, SXSW, USA Today, Forbes, and more. We intend to eradicate food deserts in America’s major cities by 2040.


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