Welcome to the SÜBSCRIBER Family!

Your participation supports the health of yourself and of others in so many ways!

Here answers to questions you might have, if you have additional questions, contact us directly.

What if I don’t eat that?

If you see something in your box you know you won’t use, let us know when you get your box in person and we’ll try to switch it out. If you are unfamiliar with how to use the food, don’t be afraid to give it a try! Ask us for a recipe at any time!

What if I don’t make it to pick up my box?

If you know you’ll have trouble picking up your box, make prior arrangements with us. If we pack a box and it isn’t retrieved, it causes logistical issues on our end.

Official policy: If a sübscriber fails to pick up their box and makes no prior arrangements, we reserve the right to donate it to someone in need.

How much food will be in each box?

Sometimes there will be less, sometimes there will be more, but there will always be a great amount. We strive to provide a better value for organic produce than you might find at the store.

Should you need more food, feel free to upgrade to a larger box. If you need less, let us know and check out our stretch your food tips for storing what you won’t eat right away.

Are bulk items included?

In our basic packages, no bulk items are included. Nuts, Dates, Oil, etc. can be purchased separately. If you’d like to add any of these, simply send us a message or add them at checkout.

Will you have what I suggest?

We won’t always have the produce you suggest, but we try to order those things which our sübscribers demand.

Can you say what will be in my box ahead of time?

As we manage the store, we can’t guarantee you will know what’s in the box each time. We include elements for salad and smoothies consistently, and there will almost always be a coconut in each box.

If you’d like to coordinate your sübscription with meal planning, our suggestions are:

  • Starting your schedule after you get your box.
  • Leave wiggle room for invention and incorporation in your plan.