A magical night, a magical year.

SÜPRVERSARY was the 1 year celebration of SÜPRMARKT’s existence shared with incredible people in an incredible space. We relived moments of growth and success and gained key insights from people who work closely with food, while enjoying vegan food and brands.

SÜPRversary is a celebration and benefit bringing the brightest future we can imagine for food, within our grasp. We hope you will enjoy these recap moments and join us at future events!

Why This Matters

 SÜPRMARKT is raising funds to make a lasting impact on the way people view and access food in communities across America. In addition to providing infrastructure for more locations, funds raised will allow us to provide workshops, videos, and one-on-one support for people changing their lives through food.


Funds will be used to:

Offset Delivery costs for Low Income Families
Sponsor Individual Juice Cleanses and Kitchen Transformations
Sponsor Free Workshops, Events, and Giveaways
Sponsor inspiring, informative content about healthy food

Support Increased Infrastructure: Licenses, 501 (c) 3 status
Support a clean energy delivery vehicle
Support new packaging & marketing materials
Support opening a physical location by 2018


 Special Thanks To

The Underground Museum – World Centric – Soulistic Foods – Rahel’s Vegan Cuisine – Nikki Legese – Restore Blendz – Tea Riot- Cocobella Creamery – Love Soundz Jewelry – The Wooden Palate – Fat Uncle Farms – AUM Films – Music Man Engineering – Jackson Blu PR

Glimpses From The Event


Sponsor Us – we are seeking like minded sponsors for future events.