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Here are studies and research links which make eating better make sense.

How Structural Racism Contributes to the Creation and Persistence of Food Deserts

Cornell University: Asian Diets Shift




The CDC estimates that nearly 1 billion dollars are spent each day treating preventable diseases in the US.

SÜPRMARKT addresses health access, educational, and economic injustices. Just 60 grocery stores service South LA’s 1.3 million residents. This climate of fast food chains and liquor stores lifts junk food above fresh ingredients, leading to obesity rates 25% higher than West LA and 13% higher than the 22% county average. (CHC)

Nearly 8 million US children are considered food insecure with 1 in 6 Californian children classified as significantly overweight. We are impacting the ideas, beliefs, and health of future generations by exemplifying communal enterprise. As they watch their parents shop intently to create abundance and improvement in the face of lack, they will gain bright mentalities which create solutions.

$1.28 billion is spent annually to subsidize the crops that are used as additives in manufacturing cookies, candies, soda pop and other highly popular junk food.